Air Hoist
Wire Rope
Electric Motor
Gear Reducer
Clutch & Brake
Power Lock
Cable Carrier
Rotary Joint
Power Roller
Fluid Machinery



KYOWA KOGYO CO.,LTD Was founded in 1953 in Japan, focus on make light type universal joint, have type S, N, F, K, H, C, etc, widely used in the automotive industry, printing, paper making, woodworking machinery, food machinery, packaging machinery and transportation machinery,etc.

SC-03-00A SC-04-00A SC-05-00A SC-06-** SC-08-** SC-10-** SC-12-** SC-14-** SC-16-** SC-18-** SC-20-** SC-22-** SC-25-** SC-30-** SC-35-** SC-40-** SC-45-** SC-50-** SD-06-** SD-08-** SD-10-** SD-12-** SD-14-** SD-16-** SD-18-** SD-20-** SD-22-** SD-25-** SD-30-** SD-35-** SD-40-** SD-45-** SD-50-** SP-08-**A SP-08-09A SP-08-99A SP-10-**A SP-12-**A SP-14-**A SP-16-**A SP-18-**A SP-20-**A SP-22-**A SP-25-**A SP-30-**A SP-35-**A SP-40-**A SP-45-**A SP-50-**A.

NC-06-00 NC-08-00 NC-10-00 NC-12-00 NC-14-00 NC-16-00 NC-18-00 NC-20-00 NC-22-00 NC-25-00 NC-30-00 ND-06-00 ND-08-00 ND-10-00 ND-12-00 ND-14-00 ND-16-00 ND-18-00 ND-20-00 ND-22-00 ND-25-00 ND-30-00 NP-08-00A NP-10-00A NP-12-00A NP-14-00A NP-16-00A NP-18-00A NP-20-00A NP-22-00A NP-25-00A NP-30-00A

FJ-32 FJ-42 FJ-52 FJ-59 FJ-70 FP-32-**A FP-42-**A FP-52-**A FP-59-**A FP-70-**A

KP-04-FFA -00A KP-09-FFA -00A KP-20-FFA -00A,KD-04, KD-09, KD-20