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Mikipulley Clutch and brake, Electromagnetic-actuated Micro Clutches and Brakes 102 Models (micro clutches) CYT Models (Custom micro clutches) 112 Models (Micro brakes); Electromagnetic-actuated Clutches and Brakes 101/CS Models (Clutches) 111 Models (brakes) CSZ Models (Clutches) BSZ Models (Brakes)

Electromagnetic Clutch and Brake Units 125 Models (Clutches and brakes) 121-¡õ-20G Types (Clutches and brakes) 180 Models (Enclosed clutches and brakes) 126 Models¡¡Clutch/Brake Units - Motor-coupled Type CBW Models Clutch/ Brake Units - Speed Reducer-Integrated Type CMW Models Clutch/Brake Units - Motor/Speed Reducer-Integrated Type 121-¡õ-10G Types £¨Double clutches£© 122 Models (Double clutches/brakes)

Spring-Actuated Brakes BXW Models BXR Models BXL Models BXH Models 458 Models 457 Models

Electromagnetic Toothed Clutches 546 Models

Brake Motors BMS Models BMM Models

Electromagnetic Clutch & Brake Power Supplies BES Models £¨For ordinary high-speed control£© BEH Models £¨For ultra-high-speed control£© BE Models £¨For ordinary control£© BEW Models BEW-S Types BEW-W Types BEW-FH Types BEM Models BEM-T Types